Most of you will probably know me through media (TV, Radio and Press) as Nikki Ximeri but since I’ve turned a new page in my life by leaving Greece a couple of years ago, I wanted to reintroduce myself to my International friends.

Cretan in Heritage, Athenian as a professional, Italian in the soul. My full name is Andronikki, but I thought it was easier for people to call me just Nikki. Well, it turned out I was wrong. Because our initial name reveals who we really are. You cannot escape our destiny.

Therefore instead of talking to you about my journey so far, I will share with you the origin of my full name and the rest I will leave it with you, while you will exploring this website.

Andronikki = Andro +Nikki, are the two words that complete the name and explain where the dynamic of my character comes from.  Andronikki is an independent woman as they say, who can handle any kind of issue that comes up, with vigor and with no fear of anything or anyone! A true survivor. (Tell me about it..)

From numerology point of view, the personal number of the name is 6 which means that Andronikki is friendly and quite social person, always gaining the best impressions wherever she might be. ( well you will let me know about this one)

More about the name’s definition, Andronikki hates loneliness and that’s why she attaches great importance to friendship by offering her truly love, loyalty and interest. Most of the times she worries more about other problems and without hesitation she tries to help. She has an artistic vein, she likes music, dancing and painting. ( No wonder why I wanted to add too many subcategories in my Lifestyle section) 

Quite submissive in other people’s demands, in order to make them happy and always tries to keep a balance. Her tendency to be wasteful will often put her in a difficult position, but what can she do, she likes to spoil herself and people she loves. (Don’t take advantage of that is not for everyone) 


*Everything you read above is the terminology and the definition of my real name and I think it describes some part of my personality.  However you will have the opportunity to discover many more aspects of my life by going through my website and a. radio.

Because it is a men’s world but it would be nothing without a woman..