A life full of risks!

When life gives you dilemmas take a risk!

If you haven seen “Sliding Doors” you will understand what i’m talking about. In a weird way, life brings the biggest dilemmas the moment you think you’ve found your way and you are settled.

Why; Just to challenge you and make it more interesting. The point is with what terms you choose to play. By your own rules or life’s? This is the tricky part. As far my story i choose to play with life’s rules but i like sometimes to fool “her”. I don’t know how but I do. And I don’t know if I always win, but I definitely play. And whoever plays never looses. 

But how do you make a decision on a new risk? The answer is simple. Without a second thought. Take a risk and let it happen! Even if you loose there would be a win somewhere. The signs of that win might not be obviously enough but they will reveal by the time. Forget the question “What if?” and give the answer “And so?” 

Be sincere, spontaneous and you will never get wrong. No regrets on your way. Say what you have to say at all costs and then live the life you have dreamed of. Even if you have to start from zero point again and again. I have many ‘zero’ points in my life and I must say it was so refreshing. These points made me who i am today. 

My desire to learn always new things and start from scratch, keeps the child in me alive.

Cheers to a new zero! After a 19-year career in Media (radio, press, TV, and now web) and having experience in hospitality and in fashion  here comes the new zero point facing me. Leave everything you have build all these years and start a new life in London, even if the cost of sacrifices will be high? Yes! Absolutely yes! 

This is the time our new journey begins with new adventures and lots of battles and interesting people. In fashion, in music, in hospitality. Through this website you know you will find quite often all of my loves.

New risks. New dilemmas and all the other new things that are going to come you will witness them with me. 

Let the journey begins!


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