It was about time for this interview to be launched. As long as I know Peter, he is such an interesting gentleman and I was looking forward to our interview. There are plenty of reasons why I wanted to have a chat with him. First and foremost, because I love rebellious gentlemen, secondly because of his involvement in menswear media, thirdly because I love his style, -ok I lost the count-, then because he has Italian roots and because he is a multitasker like me. This means that he works for a different industry but he is so passionate about menswear and a positive rebellious lifestyle which I find so similar to my personal life.


Even if the above is not enough then I have to let you know that in this exclusive interview that Peter agreed at once, (and happened back in August when I was on my quarantine after travelling to Greece) he speaks about the changes in fashion that covid brought, about gentleman’s do’s and dont’s about his personal lifestyle, about Plaza Uomo but also what makes a gentleman.

Ok if you are not convinced yet then you have to watch the interview and please let me know if there is any matter in the menswear world that we didn’t cover. And this is a challenge.


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