FULL NAME:  Mr. Anthony S. Bunn

LIVES AT: Orpington, Kent.
AGE: 27 Years Old
JOB DESCRIPTION: Edward Green Sales Operations Manager & Wholesale Associate

Could you give us the Edward Green’s core value?
Quality without compromise.

What are the features of an Edward Green Gentleman and what distinguishes you from the other brands?

Edward Green is a true British heritage company that continues to offer the highest standard of ready-to-wear shoes based on tried-and-tested traditional methods.
In a world where fashion changes so quickly, we aim to produce timeless elegance with styles that never looks out of place. In recent years, we have developed lasts, styles, leathers, and materials to adapt to a rapidly changing industry, all without comprising on quality or aesthetic. Where others may have adopted mass-production techniques to accommodate a trending market, we continue to make 300 pairs of shoes a week to the highest possible standard for our exclusive clientele.

What are the basic items of your brand that someone should buy first?

We have a range of models which are ‘must haves’ for every gentlemen’s wardrobe. However, when starting your collection, we would recommend one of our iconic loafers. My personal recommendation would be the Piccadilly. There are various reasons why this is a great first Edward Green. For example, the Piccadilly is a great all-rounder, especially in our Dark Oak Antique finish. The Dark Oak is a deep, rich brown which is capable of being paired with most colour palettes. We frequently find that the Piccadilly Dark Oak Antique can be worn quite easily on a ‘dress-down’ day with denim, or casual slacks, chinos etc. However, when paired with a nice suit, or sports blazer, it looks stunning.
Due to the versatility, it also makes a great travel companion with easy slip-on/slip-off when passing through airports, or wearing to a meeting, and then immediately more casually in the evening.

What do men should know before entering Edward Green shop? And why shoes are the most important item on a gentleman’s wardrobe?

Before entering an Edward Green branch, the customer should know that they are about to make a commitment or an investment into their wardrobe. Now, this might sound strange but hear me out. Edward Green shoes are not made to only look good on the day you try them in the shop, our shoes are made to look good for years to come. We have had shoes back for repair after 25/30 years’ worth of wear – some shoes being older than me! Due to the goodyear welted process we use, our repair and restoration service can be used time and time again. In some cases, customers have received their shoes back, not even recognising their own shoes because they have been restored to a near-new condition. It gives the shoes a new lease of life, allowing the customer to continue enjoying them until the next re-sole is required.

How did the pandemic affect your industry? Do you see any changes in customers behaviour due to covid?

The pandemic was a tough time for all retailers, but we are in a fortunate position where we have a very loyal customer base whom we have developed close and personal relationships with over many years of business. We have a great support network from our clients who continue to purchase directly with our stores via email/telephone, or via the website. We also picked-up on the working from home-style quite quickly. For example, we extended our range of casual shoes, loafers, boots, and slippers for those who were in lockdown, but still wanted to dress well.

The most common questions. What men should know about matching shoes with socks and shoes with belts?

Our most common questions are relative to sizing and how lasts fit. We have a very strong presence in the US which has resulted in our shoes showing two different sizes – for example, 7 / 7.5 E. For those who are unaware of the sizing in Edward Green, the 7 refers to the UK size, and 7.5 is the US size. The letter following the sizes is the width. At EG, we offer widths from A to G, so it is important to acknowledge this and get sizes correctly before investing in a pair of our shoes. Fortunately, we have many stockists worldwide who are more than happy to help – all of which can be found using the ‘Stockists’ page on our website.

The most common mistakes you see in men’s style?

When it comes to style, I think we should remain open-minded regarding how we are wearing something, and what we wear. Fortunately, most of our customers have an impeccable style which is only complimented by their choice of footwear. However, our main gripe is completely irrelevant to shoes. I am sure this is a widely shared opinion, but one should never combine braces with trousers which are made with belt loops. Tradition has changed a lot, so much that expressions such as ‘no brown in town’ are near non-existent, but we think that the judgment on braces with belt loops will never change.

What do we have to know on how to keep our Edward Green pair of shoes in perfect condition?

Due to the quality of the materials used, the maintenance of an Edward Green shoe is quite straightforward. We use our own nourishing creams, which we have made specifically to match the pigment of our shoes, which keeps the leather soft and supple which in turn, prevents drying or cracking. We also have our wax-based polish, which is applied in small doses to protect the leather – again, in a range of colours. However, most importantly, we encourage the use of shoe trees after each wear. This allows the sole and middle to dry naturally but also flattens any creases. Shoe trees will prolong the life of your shoes dramatically.

I have a saying; there are two things in life we should all invest in, a quality bed, and quality shoes. Because if you are not in one, you are likely in the other!

Name an Edward Green shoe for the occasions below:

For the perfect date night? Belgravia, Mink Suede, 184 Last with Single Leather Soles.

For a business meeting? Chelsea, Black Calf, 82 Last, Single Leather Soles.

For travel? Piccadilly, Dark Oak Antique, 184 Last, Single Rubber Soles.

For wedding? Newbury, 915 Last, Nightshade Antique or Black Calf, with Single Leather Soles.

What about Edward Green women?

We have recently introduced a focused range of ladies’ boots, oxfords, derbies, and loafers to our Jermyn Street & Paris branch. Ladies’ shoes are new to us, and therefore we are undergoing thorough market research, and speaking to our existing customers so we can get an in-depth idea of how to naturally grow this collection. In an ideal world, we would like to offer the same number of ladies’ styles as we do men’s – but we are not quite there yet. I think a challenge is overcoming this stereotype that Savile Row and Jermyn Street is predominantly for men. We have various women who have worn our shoes with great style and finesse, just as any gentlemen would. 

What are the principles of today’s Gentleman?

Everyone’s opinion of a gentleman will be different. However, I think that one of the key principles of being a gentleman nowadays is to remain humble and understated. I feel this is much more desirable than being ostentatious or gaudy – this often results in you being the most unpopular person in the room!

Your favourite IG account or inspiration?

I follow a few inspirational IG accounts, some are friends, some I have not met. So, it is difficult to pinpoint just one. However, each account has its own individual style and approach. Therefore, I can take something different away from each account and apply it to my lifestyle.
It can be difficult, but I try not to rely on IG too much, as I think it is important to consider the person behind the exterior – personality, and character makes up a large portion of someone’s style for me.

A good investment for you is…

At this point, I should say Edward Green shoes, and considering the longevity, I would say it is a fantastic investment. Think about how many sneakers, or low-grade shoes you would purchase in a 25-30 lifetime of just one EG?

However, my passion, or hobby, lies with watches. I have always been interested in watches from a young age, and over the years have accumulated a focused, but desirable collection. One should always buy a watch because they love it, and they enjoy wearing it. But there are specific watches which have a high second-hand value, mostly Rolex, Patek Philippe & Audemars Piguet, as you can imagine. The used price is inflated by the difficulty in getting these watches directly from an authorised dealer at retail price. Fortunately, I have some close friends who understand and appreciate my passion and are willing to throw my name into the ring. I do not support the inflation of the used market, and I think there is a large percentage of people who are buying watches for the wrong reasons, and potentially ruining watch collecting for others.

Complete the sentence:

…………………. is the new trend! 

Pastel tones and sorbet colours is the new trend! As we look at recent fashion shows, and seasonal colour palettes when approaching SS21, I am expecting an increase in stronger, pastel themed colours as people enjoy a taste of freedom again.

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