As loungewear and sartorial masks might have been the last year’s most wearable asset, the sartorial world has come up with some new era (hopefully soon post covid) ideas like virtual and private fitting that make the tailoring aficionados very happy! Angel Ramos launched Angel Bespoke in 2012, a personal line that grew over the years and flourish the new evolved brand 18th Amendment a sartorial brand based in New York City, creatively directed by him. Named after an amendment that established what historically launched the Prohibition period, it embodies the inspiration of the style that defined that era.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet the very talented Mr Angel Ramos.

FULL NAME :  Angel Ramos

LIVES AT : New York City

AGE : 39

STATUS: Married

JOB DESCRIPTION: Creative Director at 18th Amendment

Describe yourself in 5 words

  • Extrovert
  • Loyal
  • Motivated
  • Loving
  • Caring

What are the features of an 18th Amendment gentleman?

  • Classically Tailored
  • Favors English fabrics
  • Confidently dressed
  • Sartorial


What distinguishes 18th Amendment from the other brands?

  • What distinguishes an 18th Garment from other brands is the world we’ve created around it. It’s a garment that lives in a world inspired by the silhouette of an 1920s garment, yet with the boldness and eclecticism of a 1980s/90s pop art piece.

What are the basic items of your brand that someone should buy first?

  • Two basic items that would be our signature things customers typically start with are a classic house exploded black and white glen plaid sports jacket and a pair medium grey flannel high waisted trousers with single pleat and a deep cuff.

Why tailoring is relevant now more than ever?

  • Tailoring (in regards to the idea of clothing fitting properly) is relevant now predominantly due to the fact that gentlemen are choosing to opt away from formal dress into casual attire, yet still wanting all genres of clothing to have a highly personalized fit. Whether it’s a formal suit, to even a pair of denim jeans and a casual knit sweater.

Bespoke vs Ready to Wear: What we should choose and why?

  • I would gather to say it’s two different customers with two different psychologies of purchasing. Both in my opinion, highly detail-oriented and particular however someone buying bespoke has a specific personal fit and experience of tailoring in mind as opposed to someone who is buying into a designer’s specific vision of aesthetic and fit.

What are the principles of today’s Gentleman?

  • That’s a tough question to answer as to “what” their principles are, however, I can say that today’s gentlemen should strive to always appear and do all things with a heightened level of excellence.

Are you a vintage/romantic or a digital/tech lover?

  • I’m a healthy bit of all.

Your favourite drink?

  • Typically a Lagavulin 16 neat, but obviously indulge in my fair share of Negronis.

What decade represents your style inspiration and who is the best ambassador of that period in your opinion?

  • Our house style is defined by the elegance, ease and comfort of a southern Italian Gentlemen 1920s mixed with the art and culture of NYC in the 1970s through 90s.

Your favourite movie and soundtrack?

  • Once upon a time in America
  • Soundtrack? too many to name, but my favorite movie score is from The Pianist.

Denim or suits on a daily basis?

  • I’m in trousers 98% of the time, so for me, it’s a jacket and trousers paired with either some form of knitwear or formal shirt. It’s my most comfortable.

Jewellery for men: Yes or No?

  • Always a brilliant timepiece, and I do love rings and vintage jewellery.

What are your interests/hobbies secret talent we should know?

  • I love cycling, watching college baseball and love being with my wife and kids at home watching movies.

Your favourite IG account or inspiration?

Future high tech or vintage cars?

  • Vintage Cars

The most common mistakes you see in men’s style?

  • Dressing for everyone other than yourself.

What are your luggage’s essentials for a  weekend business or leisure trip?

  • I have a beautiful leather @mooreandgiles weekend bag, the Benedict.

Your favourite travel destination and why?

  • I absolutely love my time in Florence and Tuscany, it holds such a huge piece of my heart.

The must-have accessory for a gentleman?

  • A beautiful timepiece

A good investment for you is…

  • People invest in people. Always.

Your Zoom call dress style proposal?

  • currently… beautiful knit polo, blazer, flannel trousers and a pair of new balance sneakers or Stubbs and Wootton slippers.

If you could give a piece of advice on the 10-year-old junior Angel A. Ramos what would that be?

  • Haha nothing, at 10 I didn’t listen to anyone! Lol.

Complete the sentence: …………………. is the new trend!

  • Elegance.

*You can find more about Angel and his visionary sartorial brand inspired by the 1920’s Golden Age on 


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