Christian was one of the people that made “staying home” look cool and within or without a lockdown he gives you a reason to stay home and enjoy his quite captivating interviews.

I caught myself setting an alarm just to make sure not to miss any of his IG sessions with all these interesting people joining “Banter with Barker”.
Christian loves traditional craftmanship, authentic luxury, Italy, and a good drink while he listens to his favourite tunes and writes about his passions.

With a quite heavy print and online background from Financial Times to Forbes Asia, The Rake, Esquire, GQ Australia, Robb Report, and many more, you could definitely say that Christian is a Gentleman that you will always want to join and save your Martini’s or Negroni’s nights with his intriguing stories to share.


LIVES AT : Singapore
AGE : 45
STATUS: Covid-free
JOB DESCRIPTION: I write about interesting people and the good things in life.

Describe yourself in 5 words : Champagne for my real friends…

What’s your definition of today’s Gentleman? It’s about courtesy, civility and kindness, being nice to people whether or not there’s material benefit in it, regardless of their ‘station’ or ‘status’. It’s endeavouring to make those around you feel at ease, and striving not to inflict hurt. It’s doing unto others as you’d have them do unto you. It’s got very little to do with the staging of your pocket square or the dimple in your tie.

Are you a vintage/romantic or a digital/tech lover? I’ll never dispose of my books or vinyl records, though I do find the Kindle and Spotify wonderfully convenient. Does that answer the question?

Romantic Dinner or Zoom Calls? Dinner, definitely.

Dry Martini or Negroni? Martini. Mine involves 60ml of Martin Miller’s Gin, a dribble of bianco vermouth, shaken until your hands are frostbitten, served in a chilled glass with a twist.

Ready to Wear or Bespoke tailoring? And why? I’m not a snob by any means and there’s some great RTW out there. But nothing fits or feels like bespoke, and the creative process and tailoring experience are usually pretty incredible. Also, as a man’s body begins deviating from the standard drop-6 shape in middle age, bespoke becomes not a luxury, but a necessity.

Your favourite bespoke tailor is….? That’s a difficult question. Let’s just say there’s a special place in my heart for the tailor who sartorially ‘deflowered’ me, Steven Hitchcock. And Kevin Seah hasn’t just made me some outstanding suits — he’s also become a close friend.

What decade interprets your style inspiration and who is the best ambassador of that period? The 1970s, but with a classically tailored twist — think Robert Redford in ‘The Candidate’, or Egon von Furstenberg finishing up at the office and nipping out to Studio 54.

Your favourite movie and soundtrack? My favourite movie is ‘Pulp Fiction’, which has a pretty great soundtrack, too. But you can’t beat Curtis Mayfield’s Superfly.

Denim or suits on a daily basis? Madras shorts and a white OCBD these days. In the time before COVID? A mix of the two. White jeans and a navy blazer has long been my go-to uniform.

Jewellery for men: Yes or No? Not for me. I normally just wear a watch.

What are your interests/hobbies/secret talent? I like to paint — canvases, not houses. And I enjoy rolling around on my skateboard like that Fleetwood Mac guy from TikTok.

Your favourite IG account or inspiration? The photography of Slim Aarons.

Future high tech or vintage cars? Love vintage cars but they’re often temperamental — the idea of a classic kitted out with modern electric tech is quite appealing.

The most common mistakes you see on men’s style? Wasting vast sums of money on mediocre branded goods, rather than investing in craftsmanship and quality.

What things do you take on your luggage for a  weekend business or leisure trip? Depends upon the destination but a blazer is key. Without fail, I always pack one in my onboard bag. Have a blazer on hand, and you’re prepared for just about any occasion that might come up.

Your favorite travel destination and why? Italy’s got it all — culture, history, beauty, style, seaside, countryside, the food, the people… Can’t wait to get back.

The must have accessory for a gentleman? One good steel bracelet watch. I personally believe the Rolex Explorer I is the Platonic ideal, it works with everything from a Speedo to a tuxedo.

A good investment for you is… something you use frequently that improves with age.

You can’t leave without….? A face mask, these days.

Complete the sentence: Because we’re all having a tough time of it, being kind to one another is the new lockdown trend! 

p.s Stay tuned to Andronikki’s Radio and listen to Christian’s Cocktail Radio playlist 28 & 29 of November at 8pm GMT.


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