It was the 5th of September when I received a message from a good friend of mine, saying that you have to see this! What’s “this” you will ask.

She sent me a photo wearing a great beige blazer from a Savile Row tailor while she was enjoying her coffee. She said “ Nikki this is your place, you have to come here!” I immediately booked my flight back to London and I wished not to be in quarantine because I couldn’t wait two more weeks to visit this dreamy place.

This is what exactly happened. Going back to my favorite street in London Savile Row, there it was at number 32, the Service in London.  The smell of good quality coffee present in the air before entering the venue overpowered my senses and by entering it immediately felt cosy and really friendly, feelings mirrored in the surrounding environment with easy listening music coming from the record playing on the entrance next to the coffee shop.

Then, what will draw your attention is some of the most sublime tailors of Savile Row all in one place to showcase a sample of what the most historical tailoring street has to offer.

From Huntsman to Drake’s and from Edward Sexton to Cad & the Dandy and many more.  Everyone has the opportunity to take a taste of some of the tailors designs all at once whilst enjoying a fragrant cup of coffee or enjoying one of the tempting luscious pastries (but be careful not to touch anything. Trust me you don’t want to be responsible if you ruin any of the great suits)

From my first visit I asked to meet people behind this brilliant idea and this is how I met Marcel and Toby founders also of The Fresh Coffee Company and then I met the third soul of this project James from Cad & the Dandy. 

That is how I found my hub in the heart of London. A place that combines elegance, coffee and tailoring all placed in harmony, just like my living room would like to be.

Click below to listen to our talk with The Service gentlemen and see how they managed in a period full of challenges and crises to flourish an opportunity.

Savile Row at their SERVICE! 

*The current exhibition is curated by journalist and director of HandCut Studio, Aleks Cvetkovic, who is presenting his ‘Savile Row: Bespoke Casual’ throughout Autumn.

*My name is Nikki, actually Andronikki and this is another podcast episode for My guests this week are The founders of The Service London in Savile Row. Marcel Ottey, Toby Richardson and James Sleater.

We’ve discussed all about unique project in the historic tailoring street in Savile Row, how people received that move, what about expertise in these days, the effects of the pandemic in the business industry, and many more.


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