As i use to say and truly believe “Show me your music to understand who you are”. Music reveals a lot for the listener and you can understand a lot for the person behind if you know his or her musical preferences.

Such as, i asked from exquisite gentlemen out there to be a DJ for a day and share their favorite playlists on Andronikki’s Radio in order to see what they listen to while they are driving, when they are preparing a nice dinner for their lady, when they are relaxing or just enjoy their cigar with a nice tasty drink.

Our guest for today is Victor that we also met on Every Day Gents.

The Rake has named him as the “Switzerland’s leading voice in men’s style” .

Victor aka “The Class Journal” may be only in his 20’s but he is quite a traditional gentleman.  He has worked with some of the most loved brands and chronicled menswear all around Europe and he shares his passion via social media, but soon via his personal blog as well.

What we love about him is that he wants to make the world better – style wise- with his great taste and his point of view. Victor often drops Q&A’s on his personal account on Instagram, and with his 50k followers it looks like he is doing something right! Follow him to find out more.





*The Class journal brings the Class Music to you while he suggest to enjoy the tunes with a summerish Amaro Spritz. Enjoy!


WHEN: Wednesday 22/07


WHO: Victor
LIVES AT : Zürich, Switzerland
AGE : 25 years
STATUS: in a relationship


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