What we’ve missed the most this summer is Pitti Imagine, in Florence, where all gentlemen and gentlewomen meet in order to re-create, re-shape and develop the future of menswear.  But most of all where great relationships are built and add great new memories to your calendar until the next ones to come.

Speaking of which a great friendship was created out of a sudden when we started speaking with the Vancouver gents Jason and Hummam aka Style By Sarai and from a 2 minutes “Hello nice to meet you” we end up speaking for hours. And that was only the beginning!

As we were supposed to meet this summer, in our favorite Italian Spot, Covid-19 had other plans for us, therefore we decided not to lose any time and why not to have a catch up talk at least through the digital world.

It’s always a pleasure talking to genuine and kind gentlemen, who have so much to share about their vision and their truth. Style by Sarai gentlemen are definitely these kind of men and within their 360 point of view services they can deliver a more complete idea about luxury.

They focus not only in tailoring but also to make you familiar with a more distinguished way of life in every aspect of it, from a flawless suit to a great negroni but also on what are the must have items for your wardrobe in order to become the best version of you.

Their services vary from bespoke tailoring, to consultancy and in premium events to a great luxury experience not only for men but also for women. However their biggest ace in the hole is how efficient they convey their vision and their passion of what they do since they are themselves the best ambassadors of their beliefs.

Thanks to technology and to the digital trend the crisis brought up, some days ago I met these guys again and by clicking on the video below you will watch our delightful conversation full of tailoring, Pitti, style, the future of fashion, genuine gentlemen and of course more about Style By Sarai point of view.

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