Every weekend is dedicated to world’s music and to people with great love and taste to music. Therefore we invite people from fashion, photography, music, arts and many more fields we are involved with to play music for us on the “Be my guest” session.

This weekend’s guest DJ is Fabio Attanasio founder of the Bespoke Dudes and The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear but also one of sartorial menswear’s most prominent and inspiring voices.

The Napolitan Dude apart from his love for sartorial world and mensfashion he also loves to travel, with vintage vehicles preferably and is good life aficionado.

As a true gentleman he enjoys a good company, in a paradise alike scenery, with delicious food, a nice view, with a classy drink and a great soundtrack.

Therefore the Bespoke dude will be playing his favorite tunes for Andronikki’s radio listeners in order to give the final touch to our weekend, make a dreamy two hour spiritual momentum.

*Fabio suggests:  To bring your favorite company with, sit back and relax and enjoy his DJ set along with a Macallan 15 years on the rocks!

Listen to a genuine dude’s music mood cause as we say on Andronikki’s web, show me your music to tell you who you are.

Playlist will be announced next week.

Saturday 06 & Sunday 07 of June @ 6pm-8pm BST

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