Christos Markogiannakis is a Greek author and “criminartist” living in Paris. Having studied Law and Criminology, and worked as criminal lawyer, he specialises in crime fiction, and on murder represented in art. He travels the world always in style, talking of crime as one of the fine arts and if you follow him you will understand that elegance is not only in what we were but how we also act. And Christos is a promising artist that apart from great manners he will always have a great story to tell…or to discover.

WHO: Christos Markogiannakis

LIVES : In Paris

AGE: 39

JOB DESCRIPTION: Criminartist, author of crime fiction, and non-fiction.

What’s your definition of a gentleman?

Someone who pays attention to others, as much as he does to details. Esthetics, manners, culture, passion in equal measures.



Are you a romantic or a digital/tech passionate?

I’m both, in my everyday and creative life. To give you an example, I love the smell of paper, that’s why I prefer reading printed rather than digital books, but I would never handwrite a manuscript or choose a typewriter over my computer. Technology offers us the chance to be romantic in a more… effective way!

Between a date and a business meeting what would you prefer?

Each has its timing, its rules and its (dressing) codes. I enjoy professional meetings (I love my work!) as they can be very inspiring, as much as going on a date, or meeting friends.



Who is your favorite tailor?

In Paris I dress chez Lanvin. In Athens, I recently met Mr Bourtsalas Vassilis from the Bespoke Athens, and something tells me he‘ll be my new favorite tailor!

What decade interprets the best style for you and how does that influence your wardrobe?

My style is contemporary, with some eclectic touches inspired by the past, from recent decades to the 18th century! No matter the decade, the style, or the material, for me clothes must highlight our physique, the way words express our thoughts: it’s strictly personal, but they need to accentuate the best way possible, what we already have.

What’s the most inspiring movie and song? (maybe vintage one)

As a writer I find inspiration in everything, from songs, to movies or books. My favorites change every few weeks.

Denim or everyday suits?

Both have their place in my everyday wardrobe, depending on my mood and the occasion. A well-fitted pair of jeans with a jacket, and the right accessories can be very elegant.



Jewellery for men?

A watch, a ring or a chevalier, a lapel pin. That’s all for me!

Your favorite IG account or # ?

My favorite hash-tags are #authorsofinstagram and #bookstagram, for the obvious reasons. As for my latest favorite accounts that of the Louvre, the Orsay and the Metropolitan Museum of NY.

Future high tech or vintage cars?

A real gentleman takes care of the environment! The ideal would be High- tech, clean cars in a vintage design!


Do you thing perfume is fundamental?

Perfume is important, unless it covers someone’s lack of personal hygiene. My favorites are Eau de Pamplemousse Rose by Hermès in summer, and L’Eau by Dyptique in winter.

The most common mistakes you see on men’s style?

Something I might consider a mistake, may work perfectly on someone else, so I don’t judge. What I loathe though is when someone is wearing a coat or jacket with his back-stich still on! I feel like grabbing a pair of scissors and unstitching it myself!

What things do you take on your luggage on a fast weekend business trip?

I’m not a light packer. I usually end up with two huge suitcases even for the shortest of trips..!

Name a vintage/old habit you keep in today’s life.

I enjoy my morning coffee and croissant, at my favorite bistrot, reading a newspaper.

The must have accessory of a gentleman?


*Thank you Bespoke Athens for hosting us and styled Christos

Photography: George Adamos @jorje_adamos

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