The Rake has named him as the “Switzerland’s leading voice in men’s style” .

Victor aka “The Class Journal” may be only in his 20’s but he is quite a traditional gentleman.  He has worked with some of the most loved brands and chronicled menswear all around Europe and he shares his passion via social media, but soon via his personal blog as well.

What we love about him is that he wants to make the world better – style wise- with his great taste and his point of view. Victor often drops Q&A’s on his personal account on Instagram, and with his 50k followers it looks like he is doing something right! Follow him to find out more.

Meet our Every day Gent Victor and see how a man can be Classy at any age.

WHO: Victor
LIVES AT : Zürich, Switzerland
AGE : 25 years
STATUS: in a relationship

What’s your definition of a Gentleman?
A gentleman is a man that treats people nicely. One who does not judge people on the first impression. A gentleman is empathetic and helpful. He is respectful and open-minded.
A gentleman is someone who follows his passion. A gentleman has his own opinion and the courage to defend it. He has perfect manners, is well travelled and well read.
Are you more romantic or digital/tech passionate?

Definitely more romantic.

Between a date and a business meeting what would you prefer?

A business meeting that turns into a date…

Your favorite bespoke tailor is….?

I am fairly new to the field of tailoring. Simply as I never had the financial means that enabled me to acquire anything bespoke. I have commissioned a jacket at Saint Gregory in Naples, which will be the first bespoke piece I will own. I am incredibly excited to finally receive it! Apart from that, I have commissioned a few made-to-measure pieces at Crema Tailoring, a brand new made-to-measure tailoring house here in Zürich. It was launched by my friend and photographer Tim. They do wonderful pieces and I have already had a wonderful double-breasted dark blue heavy wool coat made. I furthermore value the geographic proximity. It can be very annoying, time intense and costly to have your tailor on the other side of Europe.

What decade interprets the best style period for you and how does that influence your wardrobe?

The decade I find most inspiring are the 60s. Style icons like Sean Connery in the early Bond movies, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen or James Dean inspire me the most with their versatile styles. It seems just now that we start to rediscover these great styles. The 60s were an area where men wore suits, ties and hats to work. Yet new styles began pushing through, with Dean and McQueen as their disciples. The jeans became a common piece of clothing for a majority of men. Leather jackets became en vogue. I draw a lot of inspiration from this decade.

What’s the most inspiring movie and song?

Casablanca from 1942. Wets my eyes every time. Correspondingly the song „As time goes by” by Dooley Wilson.

Denim or everyday suits?
I am wearing suits on a daily basis in the bank. I enjoy denim on a weekend but actually prefer chinos.

Jewellery for men? Yes or No?

Definitely. Every man should own a great watch he can inherit his son. Bracelets are cool for casual outfits. I wear a signet ring inherited over generations in my family.

Your favorite IG account or inspiration?

I draw my inspiration from a lot of great accounts. Accounts like @therake and @thegentsjournal are musts. I do enjoy the accounts of numerous male influencers and draw a lot of inspiration from them.
Future high tech or vintage cars?
Definitely vintage! I love all kinds of vintage sports cars. Porsches, Ferraris, Alfas… you name it! Realistically it is advisable to nevertheless own at least one modern car for convenience reasons and long drives.

Do you thing perfume is fundamental?

Definitely! First impressions matter and it is scientifically proven that our sense of smell is one of the most involved in forming that first impression.

The most common mistakes you see on men’s style?

Cheap shoes. It’s the piece that I look at first. Shoes are expensive but a rewarding investment. Treated correctly they can last for ages. They require frequent shining. They need to stored with shoe trees. And… that’s it! By far the most important piece of every outfit.

What things do you take on your luggage for a fast weekend business trip?

A shirt for every day. A blazer for an unexpected occasion. A good book (I am currently reading „Civilization: The West and The Rest” by Niall Ferguson). Headphones, I am a music addict and basically listen to music wherever I go. A pair of boat shoes and a pair of more formal shoes. A great perfume (at the moment that is Creed Aventus) and my camera!Name a vintage/old habit you keep in today’s life.

I love pulling back the chair for a girl at a dinner. Some get really confused that’s cute.
The must have accessory of a gentleman?

The wrist watch.

A good investment for you is..

The right people that help you can learn from and that make you grow.
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