He is one of the most well-dressed people in Pitti. He is not a fashion blogger, he is not a tailor and yet he loves good style as he could be one. He doesn’t follow trends however he creates them and he is a true influencer even if he is not pursuing it.

With more than 61k followers on IG, you can say that for a person who is not a professional in menswear he sure knows how to make trends. He loves 30’s and 70’s and 2020’s loves him for bringing the style of the past back to the future.

Khaled Nasr aka “Sartorio Merta” is a cool guy, humble and a great company to have for drinks or dinner. He lives in LA with his wife and his two boys who probably will take over a complete and very wealthy timeless wardrobe from their father.

Read his EDG interview and learn about his favorite tailor, his passion, and his gentleman routines.

WHO: Khaled Nasr
LIVES AT : Los Angeles
AGE : 41
STATUS: Married and 2 kids
JOB DESCRIPTION: I own a software company that hospitals use to find healthcare professionals.


What’s your definition of a gentleman? 

The definition of a gentleman has nothing to do with the clothes you wear and unfortunately many people believe that it does. You can wear the fanciest suits in the world and have the most expensive watches but have the worst attitude and personality.   Being a gentleman is the way you carry yourself, the elegance in your mannerisms and how you speak and respect the people around you.


Are you more romantic or digital/tech passionate?

I am definitely more of a romantic. I love vintage watches, old photographs and the beautiful curves of old cars. That doesn’t mean I don’t love tech and the future. We are living in a truly amazing time and to only reflect and view the past means that you are missing the innovation that is happening around us everyday. Balance is the key to life I think.

Between a date and a business meeting what would you prefer?

I would always prefer a date with my wife over work. With technology though and mobile phones, I can get some work done on my date too 😉

My favorite bespoke tailor is….?

Valentino Ricci of Sciamat is my absolute favorite bespoke house of course! To me he is the epitome of style and elegance and the brand that has been created by Sciamat is unlike anything else I have ever seen. You can see someone wearing a Sciamat suit and instantly know that it is a Sciamat suit. It is very rare in todays fashion world to be able to put a stamp on your own specific style and they have done just that.

What decade interprets the best style period for you and how does that influence your wardrobe?

I am a big fan of the 1920’s. The fabrics and styling of the 20’s is truly beautiful with the heavier tweeds and more modern fits, unpadded shoulders, larger lapels, nipped waists and sleek silhouettes. Much of what you see today in mens suiting is based off the 1920’s and that shows you how timeless that decade was.


What’s the most inspiring movie and song? 

This question relates very much to question number 2. One of my favorite movies is Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen. I love the movie, the acting and the overall message of the film. Its message is powerful in how we should live in the moment of time we are currently in and not fantasize too much about the past. Every generation dreams about the previous generation and the glory days of the past but its up to you to create your own amazing experience in your everyday life. Don’t let life pass you by.

Jeans or everyday suits?

More often I wear jeans as I live in California. My day to day is jeans but when I go out at night I definitely love to dress up and put on an amazing Sciamat suit or sportcoat.

Jewellery for men? Yes or No?

For me nothing more than and elegant watch and my wedding ring.

Your favorite IG account or inspiration?

My favorite accounts on IG are Sciamat, 18th Amendment, Nami Man, Barbanera, RRL, Orazio Luciano. Every one of those accounts deliver a beautiful point of view that I find inspiring everyday.

Future high tech or vintage cars?

Vintage all the way

Do you thing perfume is fundamental?

100%! I have been a perfume collector since I was 14 years old and have been a collector of vintage perfumes. To me perfume is an essential aspect of a wardrobe because it is a distinct signature of you and your personal style. Choosing a perfume is a highly personal thing much like choosing the right fabric for a suit.

The most common mistakes you see on men’s style?

One of the biggest mistakes I see many men do when getting dressed is thinking the more they put on and the more impactful the colors they use, the better they look. Many time you see people wearing a beautiful navy suit with bright pink shirt, yellow pocket square, multi color striped socks and so on thinking that it makes them look fashionable and elegant. In fact one thing I have learned throughout my years of dressing is that less is more. It really is about beautifully matching colors and letting the overall outfit speak for itself as opposed to specific pops of pieces.

What things do you take on your luggage for a fast weekend business trip?

Dark Jeans, Suit, Navy Sportcoat, Dark brown loafers and a very good perfume.

The “must have” accessory of a gentleman?

An elegant leather band watch.

A good investment for you.

Invest in yourself. No one should believe in you and your success more than you.

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