Who said men can’t be glamorous? Or that they don’t need protection? Well all they need is a “shiny shield” to have or just a visit to Ardentes Clipei tailoring house in Paris.

Romain Biette and Athithane are the young and super talented tailors behind the brand who support the idea that clothes can be worn to make you feel stronger, confident and make you feel shiny. Not literally but give you the essence. This is the actual meaning of the brand name itself.
The last two years they collaborate and you can tell their chemistry from the first glance in their clothes but also between them.

They share the same vision in the industry and the goals they want to succeed.
To promote their one style in the world which is a fine mixture of English and Italian but in a French way.
Connoisseurs of good taste for sure but you will understand by clicking to the podcasts below.

*Ok you know I can dance better ballet rather than speak French so excuse my french words pronunciation on the podcast to follow.

**Please make sure you click part A and part B cause we faced an interruption during our interview.

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Have fun in Athens!

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