For most of people the new year starts at 1st of January, but for menswear lovers like me starts by the time Pitti Uomo opens its winter doors.

Pitti Uomo 97 welcomed us with plenty of style, some Christmas mood left for December, no rain and many sunny but cold days.


Palazzo da basso was ready one more time to host some of the most stylish men all around the world and to propose new fashion statements and as always to make some good deals through merchants negotiations.

Gurreism claims is the wonderland of men’s world and I could agree more!

My tour in one more Pitti starts again and as a post modern Alice in Wonderland I’m ready to face all the new experience and memories that will give me.

Day 1 . Woke up in this beautiful, historical and imposing venue where my air bnb was located and even though I did want to enjoy my coffee there I order my take away coffee and headed to Palazzo where all of the stylish people were.

Pitti 97 journey starts with my beloved Sciamat family where I always go first for some “shots” of positiveness with a lot of royal approach this time as you inevitably expect from the Kings and Queen of tailoring. The “british” check in Sciamat jackets and suits would make Megan and Harry come back to their Royal duties and gain the highness attitude which for sure Sciamat family knows how to interpret.

Dolcepunta surprised us with a new proposal. Apart from the remarkable Italian crafted ties, Massimo suggested the same fabric for a new more bold era of shirts.

The Royal “Ascot’s” favorites, Lock and Hatters was present once again, prove that hats are not just a royal accessory but a the final touch for a complete memorable look.

Earth colors and specially brown, lots of checked patterns, wool coats and even ties and artisan shirts in dark colors but also some more playful like yellow, egg yolk, mustard and pink like the ones Drake’s brand suggests.

A gentleman that respects himself, has to consider except from his clothing, also his accessories and of course his personal perfume. Speaking of which I had the chance to familiarize with the Profumoir Firenze, a true experience into the world of bespoke perfumes. Ninety-nine scents where standing in front of me waiting for a gent to discover them only by stating his favorite perfumes and tastes. The rest would be then customized and then boom! A whole new perfume just for him. Definitely a must try experience.

Day 2 started with some great outdoor fashion shows with many inspiring men look and right after I continue my tour with my friend Timothy Hanchett (known as Induere) where we had some great fashionably look reviews.

During our tour, I finally had the chance to meet people behind Sastreria Serna who were like a Spanish version of a post modern Peaky Blinders gang. (but only style wise)

High level custom tailoring talks with some of the Spanish representatives of it, Agustin and Lucia (Sastreria Serna)  along with their friends Inigo (Classic Details) , Nicolas Zaffora and many more menswear Aficionados that we made a promise.  To meet again soon but this time in Spain where we will spend more time talking about our common passion.

In terms of shoes, I loved Baudoin & Lange, the fine crafted London based brand who is suitable not only for men but also for women. Comfortable at all times from daylight to night out, with a timeless design and Belgian styled, are a wardrobe’s must for sure. This is the new generation of high standards.

Another highlight memory at Pitt97, was my meeting with the tailors duo “Ardendes Clipei” , Romain Biette and Athithane, who you get to know more on the post to follow. One of my favorite moment who I also had a guest co-host and this time was the super talented tailor and friend of mine, Induere.

A little stop at Fabio’s The Bespoke Dudes corner never harm nobody and especially my international friends, who all left from the exhibition with a new pair of TBD. Of course we were tempting of buying some more but we held back our vigor for the next Pitti.

Right before I wave Day 2, some really remarkable accessories caught my attention. Elegant Boutonnieres, in beautiful patterns and colors, made in Italy, creating a unique fabric flower for women’s and men lapel. The best part is that “My Boutonnière” will donate all profits of online sales up until the end of February 2020 to the Australian Animal Rescue Inc. And as Antoine the founder of the brand states: “It’s not about being Noticed, but being Remembered!”

Pitti is not only everything that happens daytime in Palazzo. Pitti is all over and you have to discover the best side projects it has to offer.

Every time I am in Florence I tend not to miss Degorsi’s exquisite events. This time Alex, invited us in a dreamy place in Florence -the Four Seasons Hotel- where I had the chance to admire some of the Superstars of Elegance.


Gennaro Annunziatta the master tailor for Chiaia Napoli, who presented his latest bespoke creations.


MariaLisa Sani who is the creative force behind the most refined men’s shoes in the world, Ducal Firenze. And I had the chance to witness Degorsi’s announcement that Ducal Firenze and Maria Lisa is recipient of Masters of Craftsmanship recognition.

At the remarkable room of Four Season I also admired the Viola Milano ties and Alessandro Siniscalchi one of remaining true shirt making artisans.

Last but not least Faggioli Atelier luxury leather goodies and for the ladies IJG the Italian Jewellery who gave one more glamorous and shiny approach on the event.

These where some of my Pitti 97 highlights, until the next one in June. Of course its impossible to share every single moment of it and especially the night ones along with great company and a tasty negroni. Well it seems that some moments are kept as a secret not only in Vegas but also in Florence.

See you in June!

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