Some years ago the first thing that would come to mind when hearing of the beautiful country of Portugal was surf. Europe’s top surfing destination with thousands of wave-lovers flocking to destinations like Sagres in the Algarve, Peniche, Nazaré, and Matosinhos near Porto to get a taste of the Atlantic coast has more to give to the visitor than just a surfing experience. From great wines, to the lustrous Pasteis De Nata, or Portuguese Castard Tarts for the rest of Europe, Portugal is a country full os surprises.

Such a surprise was for me when I met Eduardo Xavier while attending the last Pitti Uomo. 

Xavier, an award winning GQ fashion designer, influencer and key note speaker for “Dress for Success”, has such a colourful personality that with his knowledge and experience in the fashion world  is the person you’d like to have as friend.

In his years within the industry he has collaborated with labels such as Ermenegildo Zegna, Canali, Hugo Boss, Armani Colezzione, Hardy Amies, Gieves & Hawkes started his career as a personal stylist. In 2008 he joined Bespoke &Custom Clothing while in 2012 he won the biggest Men’s Fashion Competition in Australia against top names in the tailoring industry.

He can be classified as one of the most interesting figures that one can find in Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy and one of the most interesting people to collaborate with. As an avid traveller you will find him enjoying different parts of the world, but when he is not travelling you will often find him consulting gentlemen that would like to style and enrich their wardrobe with new items or providing advice on how to be well dressed for every important life event.

Xavier is much more than a few lines on an article. He is a restless gentleman who guides men into style in the most smiley way. His motto for life is dress for success and this is something that represents Eduardo as a whole.

*Oh and i must not forget, apart from his exquisite style, i must admit that he also got the moves. A modern Fred Astaire with Michael Jackson’s coolness.

WHOEduardo Xavier

LIVES AT : A Portuguese living in Salt Lake City, Utah – USA

AGE : 42

STATUS:  Married

JOB DESCRIPTION: Image Consultant / Custom Tailor (Tailoring Expert)

What’s your definition of a gentleman?

Hmmm, that’s a good question. I think a gentleman has nothing to do with what he wears a gentleman can be a gentleman with or without clothes, of course as Mark Twain said ” Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” so for that reason I have to say clothes play a big part but goes along with the speech, behavior and education. Also to be a gentleman one needs to understand the good things in life such the good perfume or the car to drive also the choice of your beverage and there’s so much more.

Are you more romantic or digital/tech passionate?

I speak 2 romantic languages snd I have an understanding of another 2 so I have to admit I’m very romantic.

Between a date and a business meeting what would you prefer?
A business meeting with a date at the end. There’s nothing better than a cake with a cherry on top! 😉
Your favorite bespoke tailor is….?
I don’t have one… as I’m in this business I believe there’s a lot of talent out there. I do have a favorite designer: Tom Ford I also have a favorite RTW brand – Canali.
What decade interprets the best style period for you and how does that influence your wardrobe?
I like late 20’s – The Great Gatsby era.
I have many items that created with that era in mind.
What’s the most inspiring movie and song? 
Again The Great Gatsby is a very good movie but I have to say any of the old vintage movies are great but my favorite is Robin and the 7 Hoods with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Bing Crosby and others.
Jeans or everyday suits?
6 days a week in suits. And pyjamas on Sunday.
Jewellery for men? Yes or No?
Very important, a good watch nice bracelets and maybe a beautiful ring.
Your favorite IG account or inspiration?
Don’t have one I have a few vintage pages that I follow some are related to the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s & 50’s
Future high tech or vintage cars?
Vintage cars all the way. I’ll never convert myself.
Do you thing perfume is fundamental?
100%… a fragrance can be seen like a business card. Leave an impression without one.
The most common mistakes you see on men’s style?
Pants too short, vests not long enough. Suits too tight… bad tie knots. And Guys still wearing belts thinking they need the belt even tho the suit pants aren’t loose. #ditchthebelt
What things do you take on your luggage for a fast weekend business trip?
I take everything I can. 1 suit always, 3 types of shoes, sport shoes, casual shirts and dress shoes. Yes sport and casual are not the same guys.
You use your sport runners/sneakers/trainers to do sports not to wear with your jeans or suit.
Name a vintage/old habit you keep in today’s life.
Open the car door for my lady or helping the eldest.
The must have accessory of a gentleman?
A good watch.
A good investment for you is..
A good watch A statement car and A great suit to go with.
Tailoring Specialist | Image Consultant
European Custom Tailor
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