When one is in the search for luxurious accessories such as the simple but important pocket square, crafted to the finest detail, the first name in the industry to be considered is that of Simonnot Godard.


Since 1787 The House of Simonnot Godard has been producing and supplying exceptional and iconic high quality products that any sartorial enthusiast gentleman, or why not a gentlewoman, would like to have in their collection.


One of the experiences that I will never forget, especially when wearing something from his vast collection, is meeting Mr Benjamin Simonnot.

Mr Bourtsalas introduced me to him during his annual buying for Bespoke Athens in Florence where our host treated us like any other of his exquisite guests as a true French gentleman would do.


Click on the video to explore Simonnot Goddard’s’  fine world. As Hugo Jacomet The Parisian Gentleman has declared these are the most beautiful pocket squares in the world!

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