In terms of style there are two kinds of people. Those who are trying the best out of it and those who are just been born Neapolitans.
Fabio Attanasio is an exemplar of a gentleman, the type of man that still has a presence in today’s society.
His effortless exceptional looks are a daily inspiration to hundreds of men while his humble personality, despite his achievements, is more than sensational.

The things one must know about him is that he owns one of the first and well written menswear guideline blogs The Bespoke Dudes, he is the founder of the eponymous brand The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear. He loves to travel as much as riding vintage motorcycles and driving fast cars.

Additionally he is remarkably humble despite his popularity and his Instagram account numbers which gathers more than 232k followers with his social status constantly growing.
Listen to my first podcast episode with Fabio as a special guest who speaks about all the above, his love about Greece, and shares exclusive information regarding his next plans.

Fabio is a living proof that dreams can be true as soon as you believe them..!

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