Few hours before Pitti96 and prior to meeting again all of my favorite tailors, masters of Bespoke world and menswear in general, I had the chance to see the Sciamat family once more, this time at Bespoke Athens. Silvana and Valentino Ricci -one of the most elegant and lovely couples I know- visited our city for their trunk show.

Valentino was here to share his perfect elegant mens style and do some fitting on their bespoke Athens colab costumers, and Silvana to introduce us her new Ladies collection which imprints her own dignity and effortless elegance into a new sartorial female world which needs to be discovered!

Among others we discovered the luxury coat with silk fabric of Holland & Sherry, the Baby doll model without canvas, without lining, the Checked double breasted cotton and linen, the Cashmere and wool Harrison fabric, were just a few Lady’s masterpieces we had the chance to try on from her first sneak preview collection at bespoke Athens trunk show.

Stay tuned cause much more is about to be discovered and adored in Pitti 96 at Sciamat’s Corner in Florence this week. The fitting room of Bespoke Athens was perfumed for the first time with female fragrances and another perspective of sartorial experience came in “house”.

Finally, women have their own jacket place and Silvana’s new collection is all about feminity, chicness and how to be impressive with no need to exaggerate.

After my first ever fitting and experience on her exclusive first ladies jacket appereance at Pitti 95, I couldn’t resist on wearing some. And that was it! I immediately fell in love! I saw one checked beige and brown short jacket hugging perfectly a doll at the exhibition and right away I asked Silvana to let me try it. It was then that something changed inside of me. Suddenly I fell much more feminine, more confident, more like myself. And I thought what if all of our clothes were like this? A whole new world was “born” inside me. This is when I decided to make this specific jacket mine, with some alterations.

A made to measure -almost bespoke – and the first Ladies Sciamat blazer would be my “investment” for me and my future. Sciamat lines, texture, and garments not only give another level on bespoke Italian clothing, but also help in finding deep in your heart who you really are and where you belong. Define yourself and give you the confidence you are looking for!

You can find everything about Sciamat and Lady Sciamat in Bespoke Athens.


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