Who said that suits are only for men? Who said that in the sartorial world, women are not allowed?Silvana Ricci – Di Nunzio, is the proof that women can have a key role in sartorial world.

In Pitti 95 I had the honour to meet an incredible woman, super chic, with a dynamic attitude that can definitely stand equally in a men’s world. Silvana really gives her heart and her own female touch in Sciamat vision.

Valentino’s other half and partner in life believes that “Elegance is a gift of soul” and that it is imprinted in every Sciamat creation.

And even though the word Sciamat means “the King is dead”, we can reassure you that the Queen is alive and is called Lady Sciamat!

*More Sciamat masterpieces and orders, through the official retailer in Greece , Bespoke Athens in Anagnostopoulou St. 15-17, Kolonaki.

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