34 days after Pitti95

First of all, although the 96 pitti countdown has already begun in a series coming in June, my thought is still 34 days in advance.
But why do I have to remember this Pitti? Why will Florence always be one of my stations?
Why do you feel that time can really go back. Everybody is out of a 40's or 50's movie.
Why was it where my father spent my student years telling me that there is no beautiful city in the world. And as a child I was trying to convince my friends that I am a native Italian, half Greek.
Why suddenly the world fills gentlemen and well-dressed men (women-men)
Because only in such a big event the chances of succeeding your beloved child friend are rising. And you feel glad when it comes to the most beautiful church in Florence.
But with nice presentations, you will meet several confused people for their stylistic identity, who just want to get a dose of pitti publicity or street photographers flash and do the best to win a click.
An unbelievable experience to live this week dedicated to the man, together with the man who is full of knowledge and experience for this space. Mr. Vasilis Bourtsala. Let's say at this point that the masters of the species and connoeusur of men's clothing and style are bowed to its presence.
And because of that I think I saw things with more acceleration than if you started this trip alone now. Perhaps he never lived.
The sadness is that the women we deal with are a few, but with great joy and honor I can confirm that I met the best of the kind especially the magic of tailoring. Soon on andronikki.com and all three of them. Silvana Lady Sciamat, Sonia Glin and our own Angeliki Economou you will find in the atelier of Mr. Vasilis Bourtsala.
All of them were great and it was one of the most powerful elements of my trip.
What I felt is miles away from what one sees only from innocent pictures, regardless of their unrealistic aesthetics. I met the real world of pitti. The romantic and not the commercial side. The side that surpasses fashion and touches humanity more. I met people who care about man more than the merchant. A world that you do not expect to find in such an ideal place under the well-dressed shirts and the perfect bespoke costumes.
But all the truth lies behind all these flashlights, and the real gentlemen and people who have an authentic soul are no less distinguished.
People who sang with me on the streets of Florence, who gave me their jacket when I cry. They held me when I had hurt my feet from the countless miles in the magical streets of the city. People who have worked with the world's biggest names but who have not hesitated to interview them to show me pictures of their favorite holiday with their family.
They suggested me to host me in the summer in their town. Which took me steps to make my most special suit and smile was enough for them to be satisfied and happy. They went out with me with my wrinkling. Which they gave me to taste Italian delicacies. They laughed with their soul. But with me too. These are the real people of pitti who know it both from the good and from the upside. But they have mostly soul and passion in doing. Just like the fellow and mentor on this trip. Mr. Bourtsallas.
For these reasons, and even more, I count days until June 8th. And these will be discovered through andronikki.com
Why once a wonderful man told me to Zonars two years ago that I am a girl who represents the term sprezzatura. Then I did not know what it means. Now I know. I do not know if I am, but I want to know it. And get to know those who have this unprecedentedly beautiful feature. The journey now begins
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