Rock Candy

Back to 2009, still rocking some Day & Age 🌴 vibes (and feathers of course). Here, Brandon Flowers, Jenny Lewis and Conor Oberst pose for the NY Times’s T Magazine. In case you missed that year’s Coachella, the magazine, “however, had an all-access pass — not to mention about a dozen duffel bags stuffed with the latest clothes for pre-fall and fall 2009 (sweet!)”. Fitting. Especially since The Killers performed as headliners that year. With feathers on shoulders, of course.

Down the memory lane: Do you remember the “Hard Enough” song, taken from Brandon’s first solo album, Flamingo? Well, it was actually a duet with Jenny Lewis, the Rilo Kiley frontwoman posing with him here.

“Jenny’s helped me out on a couple of songs, and we also got to duet on a song called ‘Hard Enough,’ which turned out great,” Flowers told NME [via ONTD]: ”She’s always popped into my mind whenever I think about getting a female vocalist involved because she’s a fellow child of Las Vegas, too. A lot of people don’t realize that, but she was actually born there, in the same hospital as [Killers drummer] Ronnie Vannucci Jr, only a few weeks apart!”

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